Jens Dieckmann speaks at a Conference of The German Judicial Academy


At the invitation of the German Federal Government and the German Federal Ministry of Justice (Berlin), Jens Dieckmann, German Lawyer and Associate Member of 9 Bedford Row International, will speak at a conference on 16 February 2016 on “Procedural Challenges in the Application of International Criminal Law – The Defence Perspective”. This event is part of a conference on “International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law “, organized by the German Federal Ministry of Justice for German Judges and Federal Prosecutors from 14.02.2016 – 17.02.2016 in Trier (Germany). Jens Dieckmann is the only invited Defence Counsel addressing the participating Judges and Prosecutors. Other Key Note Speakers are inter alia H. E. Judge Prof. Dr. Bertram Schmitt, German Judge at the ICC (The Hague, Netherlands).


Since 1973, the German Judicial Academy provides nationwide advanced training of judges from all jurisdictional branches and of public prosecutors. It is managed and financed jointly by the German federation and the German federal states.”

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Text source: 9BRi

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