Intersol Global Presents on “Advocacy – Preparing you to Win”


On 17th May, the Chambers of 9 Bedford Row hosted Intersol Global’s innovative presentation on “Advocacy – Preparing you to Win”. Gillian Higgins, Head of the International Practice Group at 9 Bedford Row welcomed Ian Hynes, CEO of Intersol Global to present on the concept of Extraordinary Case Management and the importance of effectively recording forensic interviews of both suspects and witnesses.

Ian Hynes has over 40 years experience at the cutting edge of high stakes investigation. He has conducted and reviewed serious criminal investigations globally, many of which have concerned miscarriages of justice arising from inappropriate or incompetent investigation and interviewing practices. Operations Director Mick Confrey, who was the lead accredited interviewing advisor in one of the busiest police forces in the UK took questions on various aspects of witness interviewing practices. Professor Eric Shepherd, Chair of Intersol Global gave fascinating insights into how memory is affected by time and how memories themselves can be embedded and recalled.

The presentation concluded with a demonstration of AVET Technology’s latest audio and visual interview recording equipment, by AVET director, Jerry Thornton.

To view the full presentation itself, click below:

9BR Memory and Interview Recording

The following images are of AVET Technology’s audio and visual interview recording kit that was displayed at the event.


To find out more information about Intersol Global and the training opportunities they offer, please visit their website which can accessed here:

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Image supplied by Intersol Global


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