International Press Conference: Calls to Suspend Immediately and Unconditionally Treason Trial


PERVEZ MUSHARRAF Treason Trial: international legal experts demand an immediate and unconditional suspension of the trial in light of leaked secret communication from the Pakistani Prime Minister’s Office indicating an unlawful collusion between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Judiciary to “fix and manipulate” the trial.

Speakers: Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman of 9 Bedford Row International

Venue: Brassey Room, One Great George Street, Westminster, London

Date: Friday 21 March 2014

Time: 1.45 pm

  • Secret communication leaked from a confidential source in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Office illustrates an unlawful collaboration between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Judiciary to manipulate and fix the treason trial to the detriment of former President Musharraf.
  • Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held directly responsible for manipulating the treason trial and stands accused of using his political influence to fix the treason trial and exert revenge on his political enemy.
  • A supplemental report to be submitted to the UN detailing the leaked information.
  • Urgent appeal submitted to the UN Office of the High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs to intervene in the flawed treason trial has been accepted and the UN have communicated their concerns directly with the Pakistani government.
  • Pakistani Government refusing to co-operate with the UN Office of the High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs.
  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged to personally assist Musharraf.

LONDON 21st March 2014 —  Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman of 9 Bedford Row International are today submitting a supplemental report to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing the serious evidence of unlawful collusion between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Pakistani Judiciary in the treason trial against former President Musharraf.

The lawyers are condemning the Special Court as a Kangaroo court which has been exposed as tool by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to extract revenge against his political enemy. They are also demanding an immediate and unconditional suspension of the Special Court and a comprehensive investigation in light of the shocking revelations by the relevant UN bodies.

At the same time Kay QC and Cadman are calling on King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to intervene and support Musharraf who as the former President of Pakistan and former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan provided immense support to the development of “brotherly relations” between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia during his time in office.

The lawyers are also demanding that the Pakistani Government comply with their international legal obligations and fully co-operate with the UN agencies. The Pakistani Government’s current refusal to respond to requests for information by the relevant UN bodies demonstrates the lack of transparency in the treason trial and the Pakistani Government’s decision to hide information.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has manipulated the Pakistani legal process and used unlawful influence on the Pakistani Judiciary to bring a barrage of unsubstantiated charges against former President Musharraf. He has done this as a means of extracting revenge against a political opponent and appeasing Islamic fundamentalists who the former President Musharraf stood up against.

Nawaz Sharif use of a special court consisting of hand-picked judges to try former President Musharraf has been exposed to the international community as a “fixed and manipulated political trial.”

Toby Cadman, international human rights lawyer representing President Musharraf commented:

The UN is now reviewing the allegations and they are clearly being taken up with the utmost seriousness.  The allegations have been formally transmitted to the Government of Pakistan.  It is unclear at this stage whether the Government will cooperate.  We would urge them to engage with the UN Special Rapporteurs to ensure that justice is seen to be done.  It is quite clear that the trial cannot continue under the present conditions and we call for an immediate suspension of proceedings pending a full and independent review by the UN.”

Commenting specifically on the information leaked from a source in Prime Minister Sharif’s office:, Cadman added:

The former President’s right to be tried by an impartial and independent tribunal is clearly a matter of utmost concern.  The right to a fair trial is absolute and cannot be subject to limitations under any conditions.  There is an obvious conflict of interest between the judiciary in charge of the former President’s trial and the issue at stake.  The recent disclosure demonstrates the level of collusion between the executive and the courts.”

Commenting Steven Kay QC said:

In December 2013 our legal team submitted a detailed communication to the UN Special Procedures Branch in Geneva.  It was submitted at that time that the trial process is little more than a stage-managed show trial with the judges picked by political opponents who are now in power.  The recent disclosure clearly supports those allegations and tends to demnstrate that the case against the former President bears all the hallmarks of a political show trial exhibiting the most egregious example of political interference.”

Commenting Chaudry Sarfraz Anjum Kahlon, political advisor to former President Musharraf stated:

“Nawaz Sharif’s decision to pursue fabricated cases for political purposes is detrimental to the democratic system of Pakistan and indicates his obsession for personal revenge. Nawaz Sharif’s decision does not reflect the actions of a matured statesman but rather a democratic dictator who hides behind a veneer of democracy. The treason trial is illegitimate in the eyes of the Pakistani people and the international community.”


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