International Criminal Court Bar Association – ICCBA – Has Been Formed


Written by Jens Dieckmann

The ICCBA is now registered as an Association under the law of The Netherlands. The former Drafting Committee, chaired by Michael Karnavas and including inter alia Jens Dieckmann, Associate Member of 9 Bedford Row International, have been assigned as provisional Directors, solely for the purpose of organizing the Constitutional Congress (CC) and First General Assembly (GA). The purpose of the CC is to discuss the ICCBA Constitution with all Members of the ICCBA and ultimately agree a final Constitution which would be the governing document of the Association. The purpose of the GA is for all Members of the ICCBA to discuss pertinent issues, make an action plan of what the ICCBA wants to achieve in its first year and hold elections for the Constitutional Committees. Once the CC and GA have been held the ICCBA will be in a position to fully function as the first Association of Counsel specifically for Counsel at the ICC.

The ICC has announced that it will organise a Seminar for Counsel in the week commencing 27 June 2016. As many ICC List Counsel as well as ICC Legal Assistants will be in The Hague for the Seminar, the ICCBA want to organize the CC and GA in the latter part of this week.

Ideally the CC would take place on Thursday 30 June and the GA on Friday 1 July 2016.

The Drafting Committee circulated an email among all ICC List Counsel and Legal Assistants, inviting and encouraging all of them to join the association.

Here is the ICCBA website, where you can find an application form to register without cost:

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