Indonesia’s Police Chief Admits that Alleged Terror Suspect Dies After Torture



General Badrodin Haiti, Indonesia’s chief of police, has publically admitted to a body of lawmakers that an alleged terrorism suspect died in custody after being kicked in the chest by members of a counter-terrorism unit which led to him suffering heart failure.

“General Badrodin Haiti’s unprecedented admission is a major turnaround from the country’s persistent public denial that torture is rife in Indonesia,” said Josef Benedict, Amnesty International’s Director of Campaigns for South-East Asia.

Benedict went on to say that: “for more than a decade we have been publicizing the abhorrent use of torture in the country. This gives a glimmer of hope that the endemic culture of impunity that pervades the police could be starting to crack. Now the government must commission a robust and independent inquiry to determine how widespread such practices have been.”

Click below to read a more in-depth account of this story on the Amnesty International website:

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Text source: (21st April 2016)

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