ICT: Update on the Sayedee and Azam Case


On 27 December 2012 arguments for re-trials were heard in the case Chief Prosecutor vs. Professor Golam Azam and in the case Chief Prosecutor vs. Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

The two defence lawyers requested re-trials because “of the skype and email conversations that took place between the former Chairman, Nizamul Hoque, and Ahmed Ziauddin, a Brussels based lawyer of Bangladeshi origin who has worked closely with the prosecution on the trials.”

Abdur Razzaq, Chief Defense Counsel for Mr. Azam, focused his arguments on the admissability of the aformentioned skype and email conversations, which form the basis for the argument of the defence that the trial “has been biased to due collusion between the former chairman, the prosecution and outside parties.”

Mizanul Islam, Defense Counsel for Mr. Sayedee, stressed that the acts of Judge Hoque have prejudiced the trial and requested that Judge Zaheer Ahmed should be contacted concerning “the origin of the charge framing order, alleging that the document was not in fact created by the tribunal but depended on the outside assistance of Mr. Ziauddin.

Read here for further information:


Read here the detailed outlines of the arguments made in the Sayedee and Azam case, respectively:



Photocredit: Crimesofwar.org

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