ICC Marked International Women’s Day by Calling for More Coordination to End Sexual and Gender-based Crimes


Last week, on 8th March 2016, International Women’s Day, the International Criminal Court (ICC) called for more coordination in global efforts to end sexual and gender-based crimes.

To date, charges of sexual and gender-based crimes have been brought in 70 % of the cases at the ICC. The Court has stated that it is committed to holding those who commit such crimes accountable for their actions.

Notably, in 2014, the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC, released a comprehensive Policy Paper on Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes.
For more information, click below:


And click the following link to read the Policy Paper on Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes


Image source: www.redcross.org

Text source: www.icc-cpi.int, 8th March 2016

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