ICC Gives South Africa Deadline to Offer Reason for not Arresting al-Bashir


South Africa has been given a deadline of 5th ​October by the ICC to provide an explanation as to why Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was not detained when he visited the county in June. In an order made by the ​C​ourt on Friday​ 4th ​September​,​ it was revealed that the ​R​egistrar of the International Criminal Court, Herman von Hebel, had a meeting with the South African ​E​mbassy and reminded it of the commitment the country has to the Rome Statute.


The order was posted on the ICC website and can be read by clicking the following link:


And to read a more in-depth account of this story, click the link below:


Image source: www.publicholiday.co.za Text source: mg.co.za – 7th September 2015



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