IBA War Crimes Committee: 2014 Tokyo Conference


Tokyo IBA Conference, 19-24 October 2014

IBA War Crimes Committee

Co-Chair Steven Kay QC


The Tokyo Sessions:

1.   The verdict on the ICC and UN ad hoc tribunals as competing justice systems. Which is the winner?

  • The ICC and UN ad hoc Tribunals both dispense international justice. However, their structures and procedures vary significantly and there is no standard model. Is one better than the other? Or do both have flaws so that there is no winner? Can we learn lessons from both so that we seek to improve the type of justice system available?

2.   The verdict on 20 years of international criminal justice – national accountability for the past and international accountability for the present.

  • International criminal justice has developed into a cohesive legal and political force in the last 20 years. Has it caused those States that are enthusiastic supporters of international law to review their own historical acts and sufficiently account for their past acts and conduct? Is there sufficient equality in the selection of current international situations for trial such that there is true accountability for international crimes in the modern era?

Other subjects of potential interest:

  • Climate change justice and human rights: President’s Task Force, findings and recommendations for legal and institutional reforms
  • Waging war financially – economic and trade sanctions in the 21st century
  • Corruption in sport
  • Death at the hands of the State
  • Broken bad: money laundering issues with online gaming, virtual currency and other techniques
  • Porn, politicians, pimps, prostitution and privacy: the law’s attitude to human rights in the realms of sexual norms
  • The international environmental law consequences of natural resource and energy extraction
  • The ICC-Africa agenda: a legitimate check on impunity and rights abuses or crass misconception of African polity and persecution of African leaders?
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