IBA Annual Conference on International Criminal Law Legal Challenges of Modern Warfare


Preliminary details have been released for the IBA Annual Conference on International Criminal Law Legal Challenges of Modern Warfare. The event will take place at the Peace Palace, The Hague, the Netherlands on 30-31 January 2016.

The conference will bring together leading war crimes experts from across the globe to examine and review current situations of global significance and assess the legal implications.

The programme for the weekend will consist of the following topics:

– Targeting missiles and the safety of civilian populations and infrastructure

– Peace keepers responsibilities and liabilities in conflict zones

– Investigation of crimes and mass atrocities in conflict zones

– Supporting sides, supplying arms and regime change

– Cyber warfare international and national problems in modern conflicts

– Detaining hostile forces and their treatment

This event is going to be of great interest to judges, prosecutors, criminal defence lawyers, in-house counsel, law enforcement officials, court and tribunal officers, students, academics and anybody with specific interest in international criminal law and war crimes. The sessions will be in a ‘Question Time’ format and moderated by experienced lawyers.

Refreshments will be provided and a reception is to be hosted in the Peace Palace on the Saturday evening.

Kind regards,

Conference Co-Chairs

 Jonathan Grimes Kingsley Napley LLP, London; Co-Chair, IBA War Crimes Committee

Steven Kay QC 9 Bedford Row, London; Co-Chair, IBA War Crimes Committee

To register for the event, click the ink below:


Image source: www.martindale.com

Text source: International Bar Association – November 4th 2015


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