Human Rights Impact of the Investigatory Powers Bill


The UK Government is pushing through the Investigatory Powers Bill which may have crippling results for online messaging services contained on peoples’ phones and tablets.

The bill includes a clause that forces technology companies to weaken their security when intelligence agencies require them to. This includes the removal of end-to-end encryption, the technology used by services such as WhatsApp, iMessage and FaceTime that allow people to communicate securely.

Gus Hosein, the executive director of human rights ‘watchdog’ group Privacy International explained that “the continued inclusion of powers for bulk interception and bulk equipment interference – hacking by any other name – leaves the right to privacy dangerously undermined and the security of our infrastructure at risk. Despite this, the Home Office stands by its claim that the Bill represents “world-leading” legislation. It is truly world-leading, for all the wrong reasons.”

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Text source: (1st February 2016)

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