Global Policy Journal invites 9BRi to speak at the Greenwich Maritime Institute


9 Bedford Row International were invited to the speak as part of an academic panel in relation to counter-piracy efforts for the Global Policy launch of the forthcoming special section on Contemporary Maritime Piracy at the Greenwich Maritime Institute on Wednesday 17 April 2013.

Panelists included Professor Christopher Bellamy, (Director of the Greenwich Maritime Institute) Dr Christian Bueger (Cardiff University), Dr Douglas Guilfoyle (University College London), Dr Axel Klein (University of Kent), Dr Anja Shortland (Brunel University) and David Hammond from 9BRi, who spoke about the realities of combating-piracy from a practioners perspective, outlining the Human Rights aspects of the new international model set of Rules for the Use of Force (RUF), as well as sharing with the audience his experiences in Somalia as part of the European Union’s NESTOR programme.

Global Policy is an innovative and interdisciplinary journal bringing together world class academics and leading practitioners to analyse both public and private solutions to global problems and issues. It focuses on understanding globally relevant risks and collective action problems; policy challenges that have global impact; and competing and converging discourses about global risks and policy responses. It also includes case studies of policy with clear lessons for other countries and regions; how policy responses, politics and institutions interrelate at the global level; and the conceptual, theoretical and methodological innovations needed to explain and develop policy in these areas.

More information may be found within the Editorial Statement.

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