Financial Crime, Bribery and Corruption

The emergence of international initiatives against bribery and corruption, including legislation in a number of countries, has brought additional complexity to the international business arena. The effect is truly global, such that any entity operating in overseas markets must pay close regard not just to their home country legislation but also to that of the local markets in which they operate. Businesses are required to implement and enforce anti-corruption policies as well as policing the practices of their agents worldwide. If a business suspects that its agents or employees have been involved in corrupt activities, it will face difficult challenges including how best to investigate and stop the practices, how to minimise the risk of criminal liability and regulatory sanctions, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of civil claims from contractual counter-parties.

9BR Chambers has the experience and knowledge to help businesses and individuals in identifying and addressing risks before they escalate. We specialise in developing and testing compliance programmes and policies that ensure compliance with the Bribery Act 2010 and local bribery laws, as well as carrying out due diligence reviews and internal investigations.  We recognise that allegations such as bribery, fraud and money laundering can be hugely damaging to businesses’ (as well as to individuals’) reputations and we have the experience to deal with such situations sensitively and discretely.

Much of our work is carried out outside the formal surroundings of a courtroom, in advising clients and negotiating on their behalf with the Authorities. However, in cases where problems do arise, we have the expertise to represent individuals and companies in regulatory and criminal investigations both before the Courts and other Tribunals. We regularly work with foreign lawyers as part of a team to ensure, where appropriate, that a global settlement is achieved.

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