Crisis Management

9BR Chambers has diverse expertise as displayed in the broad range of clientele it represents. We have found it necessary to develop multi-front strategies to assist our clients as experience has shown there is sometimes a need to ensure that they are able to promote their side of a disputed situation. The services provided include advisory work on legal obligations, public advocacy on foreign policy, international relations issues and strategic advice on public relations campaigns.

9BR Chambers provides specialist political and public affairs consultancy services advising clients how best to identify, approach and influence the key decision makers of Westminster, Washington DC, Brussels and further afield.

Our international team provides specialist guidance on taking a project from its inception through all stages of the legal and political processes.  Recognising that legal obligations often require consideration of many factors including law, public policy, public relations and long term planning, our team is on hand to plan a well thought out strategy and carry it through to successful conclusion.

Our extensive experience and involvement in international law and foreign policy on a global platform enables us to provide guidance on the development and implementation of clearly defined strategies to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Members of 9BR Chambers have been engaged in this manner on projects in Europe, Asia, South East Asia, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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