Event) Democratic Transformations, Kurdish Women and Regional Conflict:
 Lessons from Rojava and Beyond


On Saturday 10th December at the University of Greenwich in London, a one-day event will take place focusing on the rights of Kurds, especially women, both in Kurdistan and other parts of the world (including the Middle East). It will be held in the King William building, Lecture Theatre KW002 from 9.30am – 6.30pm.

The day will comprise of three separate but related workshop sessions, a photography exhibition and a roundtable discussion.

Event Summary:
Against a background of conflict and repression in the Middle East, Kurds in four countries (Iraq, Iran, Syrian and Turkey) are asserting their political and cultural rights; and transforming both themselves and the countries they live in. They pursue a democratic, secular and gender-equal political project in which women play a crucial role. The aim of this workshop and roundtable discussion is to discuss the unfolding experience and its achievements and challenges with respect to participatory democracy, human rights, gender equality and security in Kurdistan and beyond.

The event brings together well-researched and novel findings from academics, journalists and activists from different backgrounds and disciplines – who are well placed to bridge the knowledge gap on the Kurdish political movement, its achievements and challenges, and its engagement with global democracy, gender equality and security.

The day has been jointly organised by the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC) and Peace in Kurdistan – Women Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria.

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Text supplied by Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC) and Peace in Kurdistan- Women’s Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria

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