Defense Perspectives on International Criminal Justice


Colleen Rohan, member of 9 Bedford Row International and founding member of the International Criminal Law Bureau has just edited and produced a new book: Defense Perspectives on International Criminal Justice, published by Cambridge University Press. The book is co-edited by Gentian Zyberi, a professor of law at the University of Oslo. It includes chapters written by Ms. Rohan as well as Gregor Guy-Smith; also a founding member of the ICLB and member of 9 Bedford Row, and Jens Dieckmann, a member of 9BRi, among other international practitioners.

Defense Perspectives on International Criminal Justice is a unique law book as it is one of the only—if not the only— comprehensive discussions of the defence function in the various international courts and tribunals written primarily by experienced, practicing attorneys who have defended individuals in such courts and are in a position to provide real insight into the administration of international criminal justice, from the defence perspective, based on their experiences.

The book examines the function of the defense in the international courts during the various stages of international criminal proceedings (investigation, pre-trial, trial and appeal), the challenges faced by defense counsel in seeking to ensure the accused’s right to a fair trial, equality of arms, the importance of developing a theory of the defence case and a strategy for presenting it, professional ethics as applied to the defence, the prosecution and the judiciary, the United Nations Residual Mechanism for International Tribunals, post-conviction remedies, issues relating to those serving prison sentences and the structure and value of the Association of Defence Counsel Practicing before the ICTY; the only defence counsel association to date which has been formally recognized by an international court.

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