‘Bringing ISIS to Justice’, Article for ‘ IBA Global Insight’ with Comments from Jens Dieckmann


Yola Verbruggen, a Multimedia Journalist for the International Bar Association (IBA) has written a piece that has been included in the February edition of the organisation’s journal: ‘IBA Global Insight’. Titled ‘Bringing ISIS to justice’, Verbruggen’s article explores the methods and advantages of a coordinated, legal effort against the terrorist group, as well as the obstacles such an approach could face.

The timing of this article is appropriate, as it is being reported that once an agreement has been met with the Iraqi government, the United Nations will begin gathering evidence of the crimes that were allegedly committed by ISIS within the country. Many of these are said to count as human rights abuses, including the treatment of ‘slaves’, which Verbruggen reports according to official documentation entailed: “accounts of rape and abuse; mass graves; testimonies of innocent children forced onto battlefields”.

Prominent, legal professionals have been interviewed for this piece. One of them was Jens Dieckmann, who spoke in his capacity as Co-Vice Chair of the IBA’s War Crimes Committee. You can read both Jens’ remarks and the full article by clicking the link below:


And click the following link to learn more about ‘IBA Global Insight’:



Image source: www.ibanet.org

Text source: www.ibanet.org – 16th February 2018

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