Brazil’s Attorney General Defends President Rouseff and Denounces Impeachment Proceedings Unconstitutional


Speaking before the congressional impeachment committee on Monday 4th April, José Eduardo Cardozo, Brazil’s Attorney General, denounced the impeachment proceedings currently underway against President Dilma Rousseff (pictured) as being unconstitutional and fuelled by a desire for revenge.

President Rousseff has been accused of breaking fiscal rules in order to hide budgetary shortfalls ahead of her 2014 re-election. Rousseff’s political opponents, including those who authored the impeachment petition, said that the fiscal backpedaling constituted a serious offence.

The Attorney General stated in Defence of the President that Brazil’s constitution allows impeachment only for grave crimes committed by a sitting president, and that the charges against Rousseff do not meet the constitutional criteria.

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Text source: – 5th April 2016

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