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By joining the International Bar Association you become part of the leading global network of lawyers. Partners from virtually every major law firm in every major city worldwide are members. They join the IBA for its combination of education, information, and networking.

  • Encourage your staff to become part of an international network of 80,000 lawyers worldwide
  • Experience unrivalled networking and business development opportunities
  • Enjoy discounted rates on around 50 conferences held worldwide
  • Attend the biggest international conference for lawyers worldwide
  • Access a global library of articles, papers and practice guides
  • Keep your knowledge of international developments up to date
  • IBA activities are primarily driven by members who group together in Committees or Constituents based on practice areas and specialist interests. (Please see the attached brochure below)
  • 69% of members have received work from other firms as a result of contacts made through the IBA membership
  • Nearly 82% of them have referred work to other IBA members
  • More than 96% of members would recommend IBA membership to other legal professionals

IBA members most value:

  • Networking and business development opportunities
  • Speaking opportunities and attending committee conferences

IBA members join specialist committees because:

  • It makes them visible as a specialist in the area of practice
  • It gives them access to legal experts in the relevant area of practice and committee publication




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