ARC Launches New Website



Earlier today, ARC (“Advice, Representation and Cases”) launched its new website which provides individuals, NGOs and States with a platform from which to seek legal representation and advice on the preparation of cases before the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights. ARC also provides legal services for individuals, NGOs and States in matters before the African Commission. The new ARC website can be accessed here.

ARC is dedicated to the provision of legal services in Africa, including the collection of data and evidence, the conduct of legal research, and the provision of advice and court representation.  ARC’s legal services can be obtained through the office of Gillian Higgins at 9 Bedford Row International.

ARC is proud to host the Case Law Analyser produced by IHRDA in The Gambia, which is the first multilingual free-to-access collection of human rights decisions of African supra-national mechanisms of its kind.


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