9 Bedford Row recognised by Justice Kirby IBA Co-Chair of the Human Rights Institute for its work on the North Korea Political Prisons Inquiry


Dear Michael,

As you know I am now serving as Co-Chair of the IBA Human Rights Institute.

In that capacity I have received and studied the outstanding report of the IBA War Crimes Committee.

I wish to express thanks to Hogan Lovells Lawyers in London and to Counsel’s Chambers, 9 Bedford Row, whose members Steven Kay QC and Kirsty Sutherland played a crucial role in the submissions advanced to the Committee.

I also express thanks to you and to the members of the Committee for the outstanding work in preparing the report. It is painstaking, thorough, logical and compelling.

Could you please pass on to Hogan Lovells and to 9 Bedford Row the sincere thanks of other colleagues in the International Bar Association. The report of the COI on DPRK was outstanding and thorough. But it has been supplemented and strengthened by the report of the IBA War Crimes Committee.

It is probably not too much to say that the two reports have contributed to the realisation by DPRK that their conduct, crimes against humanity and war crimes are intolerable to the international community. I believe that this has contributed to the change of approach by DPRK, so long as human rights are not ignored or overlooked. The report may well contribute to an improvement for the people of North Korea in the state of their human rights.

Please convey our thanks to the members of the Committee, the officers of the IBA office in Washington DC and to Hogan Lovells, Steven Kay QC and Kirsty Sutherland.

I also express my thanks to you. Initially I was a little sceptical about the proposed Committee. However, your dedication helped to bring it about and you deserve praise and gratitude.



Michael Kirby

Co-Chair of the IBA HRI


Read the Brief, submitted by Steven Kay QC and Kirsty Sutherland to the IBA Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity in North Korean Political Prisons:


Read the decision of the Judges in the following report:



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