Diana Wilson

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  • Sep 1997 – Jun 2000       St John’s College Cambridge, UK
  • B.A. (hons) in Law – 2:1 (upgraded to a M.A. in May 2004), McMahon Scholar.
  • Sep 2000 – Jun 2001       Inns of Court School of Law/City University London, UK
  • Bar Vocational Course/Diploma in Professional Legal Skills – Very
    Competent. Harmsworth Scholar and Exhibitioner. Called to the Bar of England and Wales
  • 2009 onwards  Various short courses (1-2 weeks), conferences and seminars, including:
  • Military International Humanitarian Law Training (2009 and 2010).
  • Global Summit on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict (invited as an expert).
  • IICI international Investigator’s Course (November 2014)
  • Events by Hague Institute, the Nuremberg Academy, UN Women and UK SU.


Grade 4 (highest grade) Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panels (General crime and counter – terrorism), also on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences and Serious Crime panels.


Sep 2001 – Nov 2007      Barrister, QEB Holliswhiteman, London

  • Prosecuted and defended large, complex, and grievous crimes including organised crime, sexual crime, violent crime, drugs, and fraud offences.
  • Provided legal training to lawyers and advocacy training to pupils.
  • Undertook advanced specialist legal and advocacy training in relation to prosecuting crimes of sexual violence.

Nov 2007 – Jun 2010       Legal Officer, Royal Air Force

  • Organised and provided legal training to military lawyers and police.
  • Prosecuted cases at Court Martial including cases of serious sexual violence.
  • Worked on the RAF response to the Haddon Cave Enquiry including being the legal advisor to the internal administrative inquiry which reviewed all evidence in the Haddon Cave Enquiry. Legal Advisor to Board of Enquiry (administrative procedure reviewing air accidents.
  • Provided legal advice on a range of service issues including international humanitarian law and human rights issues, in some cases this involved me liaising directly with senior lawyers in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Provided input into legislative drafts.

Aug 2010 – Jun 2011       Legal Officer, Judges’ Unit, EULEX Mission in Kosovo

  • Drafted rulings, judgements, undertook legal research and supported the judges in relation to their executive functions. This included dealing with issues of international legal assistance. Cases I worked on included War Crimes, Organised Crime, and Violence (aggravated Murder) cases.
  • Programme design, management, monitoring (of Kosovo Judges) and reporting including in relation to human rights compliance, procedural protective measures, domestic violence, trafficking human beings, sexual violence, and youth justice. This included monitoring trials for legal and human rights compliance. Also included working with police and other justice professionals.
  • Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising Focal Point for Peja/Pec Judges’ Unit. This involved supporting and working with my local counterparts including court administrators and judges.
  • In charge of a Kosovo-wide project to tackle issues related to the extensive backlog of inter-ethnic property dispute cases.

Jun 2011 – Jan 2013        Trial Counsel, Special Tribunal for Lebanon,) P4 on leaving

  • Trial counsel in case against Hezbollah members alleged to have assassinated Rafik Hariri. Drafted prosecution court applications, drafted requests for mutual legal assistance, devised prosecution strategy, advised the investigation division, conducted interviews, and wrote part of the pre-trial brief.
  • During the pre-trial brief preparation, I had over 30 investigators and analysts directly assisting me, and I, together with the Chief of the Investigations division, managed their work. I was intimately involved in determining the investigation strategy.
  • Liaised with many embassies and institutions in relation to the trial process and issues of mutual legal assistance.

Feb 2014 – Oct 2014       Special Prosecutor, EULEX Mission in Kosovo

  • Investigated and prosecuted organised crime, terrorism, corruption, and war crimes cases. Using my specialism in war time sexual violence, I prosecuted the second and third Rape as a War Crime cases in the Kosovo national courts and conducted several investigations into allegations of war time sexual violence.
  • Attended working groups and meetings with civil society, local colleagues, and external experts in relation to war time sexual violence.
  • Developed policies in relation to rule of law, including drafting the ‘war crimes roadmap’ which sets out what must be achieved legislatively and practically to prepare for and implement the transition from internationals dealing with war crimes to local ownership. Including human rights compliance.
  • Designed and implemented the war crimes backlog strategy to deal with the backlog left by the UN of about 600 war crimes cases.
  • Built local capacity through monitoring, mentoring and advising local prosecutors, including working in mixed teams.
  • Prepared and implemented trainings for local judges (through the Kosovo Judicial Counsel) and prosecutors and mentoring students in a mock trial.

Jan 2014 – July 2017       Prosecutor, Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, The Hague (prior to 1 Sep 2016 this was the Special Investigative task force based in Brussels)

  • Investigating and prosecuting war crimes and crimes against humanity offences committed between 1998 and 2000.
  • Supervising and directing the work of junior lawyers, investigators, and analysts.
  • Conducting and reviewing analysis of the political situation, movement of people, widespread crimes and government and international documentation.
  • Provided advice on ensuring the investigation was compliant with human right norms.
  • Provided training on war time sexual violence including at the Nuremberg academy.

Sept 2017 – Present         Barrister, 9 Bedford Row, London – Barrister practicing criminal law.

  • Prosecuting/defending numerous trials including sexual violence and serious crime trials.  Have appeared as leading junior counsel for the Prosecution in large multi-defendant cases.
  • Acted as a trainer during in house chambers advocacy training and organise Chambers in house continuing education programme.
  • Undertaken relevant update training. E.g. the vulnerable witness training.
  • Grade 4 (highest grade) Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panels see above.
  • Provided training to national prosecutors and defence lawyers and experts re war crimes, sexual violence and technical evidence.

International Case List:

Prosecutor v AYYASH, 2011-13

Trial counsel on the prosecution team from 2011-2013 in the international terrorism case relating to the assassination of HARIRI on 14 February 2004. Worked almost exclusively on the communications evidence.

Organised Crime and People Smuggling, 2013

Kosovo Organised Crime and People Smuggling – 2013 Kosovo. Sole advocate in case against two defendants for smuggling people from Kosovo to Italy via Albania.

Prosecutor v Hyseni, Qubrelli, Haxha and Selimi, 2014

Kosovo Sole counsel in the prosecution of four defendants including a government minister for war crimes. The case related to charges of violence and sexual violence using command responsibility and direct perpetration as modes of liability.

R V D and B, 2014, Kosovo

Sole counsel in the prosecution of the 2nd ever rape as a war crime trial in the Kosovo national courts.

SITF/SPO, 2015-2017

Worked as a Prosecutor on the issues arising out of the Council of Europe report written by Dick Marty.  The SPO has jurisdiction to prosecute War Crimes, crimes against humanity and certain Kosovo domestic crimes.

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